Barro Taupe Tote/Crossbody
Barro Taupe Tote/Crossbody
Barro Taupe Tote/Crossbody

Barro Taupe Tote/Crossbody

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Tote/Crossbody bag inspired by the black pottery crafts of Oaxaca. It features cowhide leather details, a suede interior, and an internal zippered pocket perfect for your phone. The bag has a magnetic closure, an adjustable and removable long strap. Truly a design that will bring life and tradition to your days.


Length: 12.99 inches

Width: 2.36 inches

Height: 7.48 inches


Black Clay is a pottery technique that is popular in Mexico. This manufacturing process dates back to ancient times. In its origins, objects made of black clay were created just with soil but were not very efficient. For example, if they were used to carry water, it would seep through. To improve the hardness, artisans began to bake the clay at low temperature in under-ground ovens fueled by oak wood.
The earliest pieces were made in Monte Alban, Oaxaca. However, today there are thousands of artisans who practice this craft in San Bartolo Coyotepec, and many neighboring counties, or close to the Valley of Mexico.
It was until the 20th century that artisans began creating more elaborate pieces in different styles that can also have a polished gloss or burnished finish.